Final Assembly – Full Build

UK Manufacturer

ESD are proud to be a UK Contract Electronics Manufacturer offering customers service levels partial build through to full final assembly of their electronic products. As a UK Manufacturer ESD do not sub-contract services or assembly to other countries. Indeed, most of our sourcing is from within the UK

Flexible Production Facility

ESD pride ourselves on our ability to cater for more complex or higher quantity assemblies. We maintain a flexible layout on site which enables us to setup manufacturing cells to suit different products needs at short notice. To find out more about us you can contact us here.

Final Assembly

Here at ESD we know that the term ‘Final Assembly’ has a different meaning for each and every one of our customers. As such we dispatch products after any production stage, at costumer request. For example; after surface mount only, a partial build or as complete, tested products.

Hand Assembly

Automatic machine fitting of components is not always possible. Some components are too heavy or awkward. Indeed, not all are available in production packaging. Our skilled operatives hand fit these items, and then inspect each assembly to ensure that customer specification is met.

ESD hand assembly experts helped me through the entire process of our build. The quality was superb and all timescales were not only met but exceeded, i would recommend ESD to anybody who is after a quality and positive service.



Each surface mount assembly is inspected using AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) equipment. This inspection includes the component location, type, value and also it’s orientation.

At ESD each inspection is carried out thoroughly by a team of experienced professionals. ESD aim for every build / unit to be produced with quality, our inspection team ensure that all our products are exceeding expectations after build. Once each build has passed the highest form on inspection its then passed to the testing team or final assembly team for a final check.


Box Assembly

After testing a product ESD will assemble it into the final housing prior to dispatch. This removes the hassle of final assembly from you whilst providing customer-ready stock for your shelf.

ESD are also happy to carry out a final working test prior to dispatch.


Upon request ESD test the final electronic assembly to your specification. We often use our own test equipment. For more complex test procedures, however, we use bespoke equipment. We can build test equipment to meet customer’s test requirements.


Quality Assurance

Essential Services and Distribution Ltd (ESD Ltd) are proud to be accredited to ISO9001:2015 for the Assembly and Distribution of Printed Circuit Boards and Associated Products.

Download our ISO9001:2015 certificate.


Here are examples of some of the industries and applications that you’ll find ESD products worldwide.